About Haitech

About Haitech

A Global Leader, a Local Expert.

About Haitech

About Haitech

Haitech Solutions

Haitech Solutions was originally established by Mr. Raviv Byron - an Israeli businessman to develop bi-lateral relations between Israel and India mainly in the fields of agriculture and medical equipment.

The Companies:

Main purposes of the Group is  

  • Acting as a bridge between Indian companies and companies of other countries wishing to develop activity in India.
  • Establishing turnkey agricultural projects in India with emphasis on health foods.
  • Doing business development activities to companies wishing to establish their presence in India
  • Sourcing quality products from India to the rest of the world

The company operates from its office in Juhu, one of the best suburbs in Mumbai. We hold a staff of 15 experienced and professional employees including finance, administrative and sales and marketing departments. The concept espoused by Mr. Byron is to offer the Principal their own operation with a dedicated Indian market development manager in direct contact with the Principal, whose role would be to develop a marketing network throughout this sub-continent and allow the Principal to control development – with Mr. Byron acting as Office Manager of the Principal.

We also work excellent and reliable lawyers, accountants and other professional advisors. Haitech Solutions’ administrative staff would be common to all companies thus serviced.

This in effects allows the foreign principal company to have an established office in India at a fraction of the cost.

Mr. Byron has a degree in Economics from the University of Sydney, Australia – and an MBA from the Ben-Gurion University of Beersheva, Israel.

Mr. Byron is Chairman of the Israel-India & Nepal Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member of the Israel-Australia Chamber of Commerce. He is resident in Mumbai, India since 1996 though travelling intensively to India since 1983.