About us

About us

Haitech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a leading and established company in high-quality products and advanced agricultural knowledge. Established by Mr. Raviv Byron, who’s the president of Israel-India Chamber of commerce, working for more than 3 decades in the Indian agricultural market.

Haitech Medical Solutions is a leading company in innovation and high-quality products in the Dental field.

We believe in delivering valuable knowledge to our customers along with the best commercially viable solutions. Our customers enjoy advanced technological and agronomical knowledge along with exquisite levels of service and support.

Management Team

Mr. Raviv Byron - Company President

Working in India for more than 30 years. A pioneer and entrepreneur in the field of Agricultural technology, and president of the Israel-India Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Amit Byron – Managing Director

An Entrepreneur with a vast experience in Sales and marketing. Amit has a bachelor in Psychology and an MBA From the Technion Institute of Technology, Israel.

Mr. Pankaj Kapadia – VP Finance

Mr. Kapadia has many years of experience as a finance manager with vast knowledge in the fields of finance, regulatory, logistics and more.